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Timber cladding tends to rot and is expensive and time consuming to maintain. UPVC is a far superior material and is exceptionally durable and often more attractive, and is resistant to even the worst of the British weather. It will never rot and you would not need to paint it.

At Harts Fascias & Roofing Company, we will remove your existing cladding, checking that the timber batten behind it is good condition. If necessary, we will replace the existing battens and replace them with tanalized battens (timber that are treated with a weather proofing substance known as Tanalin.)

All of our products are British Board of Agreement (BBA) approved and come with a twenty year guarantee on white cladding and ten years on cladding of other colours( this is supplied by our suppliers). The British Board of Agreement has been responsible for inspecting and approving construction products since 1966. It has a history of providing reassurance to specifies, end users and insurance providers, and is a name the public has grown to trust.

The cladding requires little maintenance and can withstand the British weather conditions. We have cladding boards available, from 125mm to 150mm shiplap designs, and you can choose from white, black, wood-grain or oak colours.We also have a 300mm tongue and groove boards which come in white, black, wood-grain or oak colours

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