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Finlock guttering, which is commonly known as “concrete guttering”, was commonly used from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s when everything was made of the new in thing…concrete. It was seen as a low cost and quick alternative to the more costly metal guttering and saved having to use wooden fascias and asbestos soffits . Whilst they were low cost, they were also prone to issues such as movement and settlement, which resulted in it dropping or sagging above the windows. This would often lead to the rain water congregating in the area and causing water ingress and damp within the walls. This will over time lead to permanent damage and expensive to rectify .

If not maintained correctly the concrete gutters also look unsightly, even when painted to mask the issues that lay behind. The most effective solution is complete replacement, this can be done cost effectively and will make greater savings long term. Don’t be fooled to think that any building contractor or roofing company can carry out concrete gutter removals. It is a specialist job that requires experienced and knowledgeable persons to carry the work out.

We are proud to say that our team at Harts Fascias and Roofing has been professionally and successfully replacing old and damaged concrete gutters for over 15 years.

We create a safe working environment , as the concrete gutter sections are significantly heavy and need to be taken away safely form heights. Once we have removed them to ground level they are safely stacked and then ethically disposed of. The next step is to inspect the roofline area which we are left with, this is to ensure no further damage had been caused to the property over the years.

Then we commence the process of installing the maintenance free UPVC fascias, ( soffits if required) and guttering that will let the rain water flow freely into any downpipes, and also transform the look of your home and increase the value of your property. The durability of the UPVC will also be saving money by not having to repaint the guttering.


So if you have concrete guttering, step outside and check the state of them and maybe compare your property with a neighbour who has switched to UPVC. See the difference? Then It’s time to contact Harts Fascias and Roofing, the concrete guttering specialists in removing and replacing concrete guttering. Jon will arrange to visit you at your convenience to give you a FREE NO Obligation quote.

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