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Finlock guttering, which is commonly known as “concrete guttering”, was commonly used between the 1950’s and 1970’s when everything was made of the new in thing…concrete. It was seen as a low cost and quick alternative to the more costly metal guttering and saved having to use wooden fascais and asbestos soffits . Whilst they were low cost, they were also prone to issues such as movement and settlement, which resulted in it dropping or sagging above the windows. This would often lead to the rain water congregating in the area and causing water ingress and damp within the walls. This will over time lead to permanent damage and expensive to rectify .

There is a cost effective solution for this problem rather than the full removal. We supply and install 4mm mineral bitumen felt which is heated onto the existing concrete guttering forming a completely water tight seal.

Contact Roofline Fascias Ltd, the concrete guttering specialists, and Jon will arrange to visit you at your convenience to give you a FREE NO Obligation quote to resolve any issues.

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